OLX Android app Facelift

During my time as Android designer at OLX Brazil, I had the opportunity to conduct a Facelift project following the guidelines and processes learned at Cooper's Visual Design training.

The project was about "revamping" the app, in order to make it look more appealing to younger audiences and more fun. For this project, UX and structural changes were out of scope. Working together with the iOS designer, we conducted external and internal research before defining the visual guidelines.

User research: we asked some real users, through OLX app's own chat, simple questions such as "how would you summarize OLX in one word?". We also looked for keywords in the app reviews

Team research: we conducted an Experience Workshop (based on the Cooper training), where product, technology and marketing teams' employees would vote for images of interfaces and products they like or dislike, and then categorize them with adjectives.

Consultancy research: we revisited a user research conducted by Talk, Inc in the past. One part of it was specifically about how users perceived the visuals of the apps and website.

Product domain research: we looked at other successful apps among the most used by teenagers and young adults to have a sense of the visual landscape we were entering.

With this information, we created a tag cloud of the most recurrent topics to build a vision for the project, that was our main guideline. After this, we dug into the project itself, choosing new colors, typeface and rebuilding the UI elements in a complete guideline.

The Facelift project is still being implemented in the apps.

OLX Brazil, 2015

App design team:

Erica Zambrano – Android
Juscieldo (Lavi) Santos – iOS

OLX at Google Play