Here are some other stuff that I've made during my career and, although they are not the focus of my work nowadays, I've really enjoyed making. :) So here they go!

Letters for Luisa

A good friend's daughter was developing a really strong interest in design and arts and crafts. I really wanted to give her some gift to encourage this passion. Not finding any design education products for 11-year-old kids on the marlet, I decided to make my own Design Kit for Kids. I gave her an A3-size drawing pad, pencils, an eraser and an A3-size briefcase to carry her drawing kit. 

Inside the drawing pad, I prepared a mini drawing course with things I had learned in my first year at college: things like how to transfer drawings with transparent paper, how to properly paint using colored pencil, how to use liquid watercolor etc.

I know that Luisa loved the kit as much as I loved preparing it. It were some relaxing weeks of coming home after work and putting effort and love into a relaxing activity I had forgotten for years. Thank you, Luisa, for bringing it all back to me! :)

Horror story presented in an installation using videomapping and UV reactive paint. The whole project was developed by the team in 2 weeks: script, recording, acting, audio editing, digital scenography and videomapping.

The goal was to explore the question “how do we relate to space according to what we previously know about it?”. So we tried to change our classmates’ perception of our classroom space, by telling a scary story that could have happened there.

Parsons, 2012


Space: Core Studio


Huong Ngo


Adam Fernandez

Erica Zambrano

Joamir Salcedo

Simon Speaks

Assembling of a Simon Says game using arduino and an old, broken speaker. The software was modified from one found at

This game relates to the memory and the “physicality” of older games, both being forgotten with new technologies.

Parsons, 2012


Scrapyard Challenge

Space: Core Lab


Glendon Jones

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Katherine Moriwaki

Sensory Boxes

Interactive non-digital game which consists in recognizing characteristics of objects through each sense (sight – color; smell; hearing – sound; touch – texture) and grouping the boxes that correspond to the same objects. The three chosen objects were a rose, coffee and a lemon.

“The lemon is extended throughout its qualities, and each of its qualities is extended throughout each of the others. It is the sourness of the lemon, which is yellow; it is the yellow of the lemon, which is sour.”

(Merleau Ponty, World of Perception)

Parsons, 2012


Scrapyard Challenge

Space: Core Studio


Huong Ngo

Favorite Songs

Data visualization software made on Processing. Using data from the Google spreadsheet The Guardian’s 1000 songs, it counts how many songs relate to each artist and visually displays their relevance.

I also asked my friends to fill in a Google form regarding their favorite songs, and used the same software to trace their musical preferences.

Many thanks to Jer Thorp for teaching how to use Google spreadsheets with Processing in his blog, and of course, for his inspiring work.

Get in touch with me if you need the code for your projects. :)

The Guardian's favorite songs

My friends' favorite songs

Parsons, 2012


Creative Coding


Clayton Ewing


Branding for an internal development congress for the M4U groups (M4u, Bemobi and Mobicare).

Each version of the logo represents the 4 concepts of the event: cooperation, development, relationship and solutions.

Bemobi, 2013


Branding for the choir Parafônicos, from Nova Friburgo, of which I participated for 3 years.

This project tries to transmit the energy of this choir, formed by teenages and young adults, and was inspired in super hero logos.

Escopo Engenharia

Branding for Escopo Engenharia, engineering company in Nova Friburgo, RJ.

The goal was to differentiate the company from its traditional competitors in the city, by creating a brand with more freshness and energy.